What Youth Say:

“…I am so happy to have been involved with you and HPG over the past 10+ years. We have done so many valuable and insightful things and it is amazing how you were able to expose us to so many new concepts, ideas, and perspectives from such a young age…Thank you again for all you have done for me.” Emmett, June 2016

“…I cannot express my utter gratitude for your guidance and teachings… You’ve… give[n] me a connection to my Jewish roots by providing personal knowledge…a greater understanding of spirituality and of cultural references that come from religion…a special opportunity to openly discuss religion and philosophy in a comfortable setting with intelligent people…thank you for opening my eyes to a broader cultural-religious landscape. Through your…devotion to our class you have taught me many things…that I wouldn’t…have learned on my own…Thank you so much.”  Zev, June 2013

“…I’ve learned so much. You always made my tutoring and group classes so fun…I’ve done so many cool projects with you…Thanks for being such an important person in my life and the best Hebrew teacher I could imagine!”  Chava,  May 2015 

What Parents Say:

“…I can’t say enough about how we have valued the experience the boys have gotten…You have been so wonderful to them in imparting what it means to be Jewish in an interfaith family, in a community of worship, and in the larger world. Deb Fisch, Aug 2013

“Thanks again for a great year…Our son enjoyed himself and had moments of theological pondering which he shared with us along the way…The kids are all growing up and you have certainly had a part in their spiritual development.” Rebecca Wyse Salzer, May 2009

“…We want to thank you again for the knowledge, interest, caring, and love that you brought to this wonderful moment in the lives of our son and his bride, and in fact, all of the extended family. And…I have started thinking more deeply about interfaith issues.”  Val Rosenberg, June 2004

What Adults Say:

“Gorgeous and inspiring. You did a great job…It’s a beautifully conceived and illustrated Haggadah.”  Ruth Broyd Sharone, April 2015

“Thanks for all of your hard work. We had some great mini-conversations at my table…it was a very valuable event…the energy and ideas keep rippling out.”
Megan Sims, April 2015

“You are clearly a terrific, very devoted teacher! Most kids would learn just a fraction of what you’ve taught and exposed them to without any social justice…”
Karyn Schoem, March 2015

What Media Say:

“Lauren Zinn of Ann Arbor, an interfaith ordained minister who lit candles during Friday’s event, welcomed the open approach to worship. ‘It makes you reflect on your own roots or interests,’ she said. ‘But it also makes you learn more about others, and it taps your curiosity. And then you want it more. So you need a place to go that engages that interfaith exchange.’” Full Article  The Detroit News 2015 

“‘We are becoming a global culture and we need to recognize the interconnectedness of all of us,’ explained ordained interfaith minister Lauren Zinn. Inspired by how ‘understanding others’ traditions informs and deepens our understanding of our own traditions,’ Zinn founded ZinnHouse.” Full Article
Crazy Wisdom Journal 2014

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