Interfaith and Interspiritual Coaching

From Interfaith Dating to Interspiritual Parenting,
I support students, couples, and parents in building

new family traditions — including but not limited to —

As you choose a partner and/or grow a family, what role will religion, faith, or spirituality play in the life you create together? 

You might benefit from working with me if:

• You are seriously dating someone from a different religion than the one you grew up with, and are questioning whether you can make a lifelong commitment to each other.

• You have a strong religious base but your interfaith relationship is causing you to question your own beliefs and loyalties.

• You would like to expand your relationship with religion to a multi-faith or interspiritual paradigm; you need guidance for celebrating religious or holiday traditions in a new way.

• You have a child who is very interested in exploring religious identity or developing spiritual practices. You want to support them, but you (and/or your partner) have concerns about joining or supporting organized religion.

• You are spiritual but not religious. You want to give your children a values-based foundation without joining a traditional religious institution. 

• You are a family committed to teaching your own child or children to be globally competent in a multi-faith society. You need help designing activities and home lessons.

dandelion on green, the dandelion suggesting the possibilities of planting new seeds of spiritual exploration in interfaith dating

I’m an ordained interfaith minister from All Faiths Seminary. I also hold a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary educational planning and have 15 years of successful experience in teaching youth, supporting couples and parents, and leading an interfaith community.

A joyful transformation can occur when people give their hearts to exploring the world’s treasure trove of perennial wisdom. Shared traditions that connect us to something bigger than ourselves can be a deep source of nourishment for all of our relationships.

I offer a range of services including personal coaching, teacher training, student mentoring, program development, and curriculum consulting.

If you’re wondering if I could be of help to you, contact me for a 30 minute consultation (no charge).