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Lauren Zinn discusses movies that provoke reflection and discussion of faith, spirituality, religious identity, and interfaith challenges and triumphs.

Election Fury or Forgiveness

Keep Calm and Watch Fury.
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picture of movie poster for 1936 FuryFury

With recently heightened “suspense” from Donald Trump as we near the end of this election, it’s worth reminding ourselves of why populism, group think, and mob (or mobster) rule don’t work. For this reason, I suggest hosting a Movie Night Pre-Election Party featuring the 1936 drama and thriller, Fury. Continue reading Election Fury or Forgiveness

The Evolutionary Vision of Jodorowsky’s Dune

Photo of a ticket for a reserved seat to see Jodorowsky's DuneAfter watching a documentary called Jodorowsky’s Dune, my “film major” husband announced, “You have to watch this movie. It will blow your mind.” And so I did. And he was right. This is one of those films that raises our consciousness about raising our consciousness. For this reason, hosting a Movie Night with this film is worth it. In fact, I’m giving you my Movie Night! Guide for discussing this film. Invite your family, friends, students, or community to watch. The Guide is FREE for the next two weeks. Here’s a brief review of the film and why you’ll want to show it. Continue reading The Evolutionary Vision of Jodorowsky’s Dune

“Meet the Patels,” Meet Interfaith America

movie poster of Meet the Patels This funny, interesting, thoughtful documentary intersects religion, culture and identity while shining a light on Hindu Indians in America. Meet The Patels in Meet the Patels.  Ravi, is an Indian-American (or American Hindu), and actor. His parents emigrated to the United States where he and his older sister were born. Now 29,  his parents wonder why he’s not married. They volunteer — to find him a nice Hindu girl from the pool of Patels, that is. Ravi’s sister, Geeta, films the whole family as they search for her brother’s mate. You can imagine what happens OR, you could see the movie!
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Hawking AND Turing

While the films, The Theory of Everything and The Imitation Game, each tell an important and inspiring story about Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing respectively, I found neither to be as great alone as they were together. Juxtaposed as a single experience — which happened because I saw them less than a day apart, brought a certain poignancy into view. Let me explain.
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I had a chance to see FROZEN again and it was even better the second time. So this blog follows the first, “Frozen” and Sacrifice. What struck me this time was the contrast between Elsa, the older sister with the power to freeze things, and Olaf, the little snowman she creates along way. The first time I saw the film, Olaf seemed like a comical, secondary character, and at times, an interruption to the plot. Why did Disney give him so much attention? He even gets to sing a solo about his desire to experience summer. But watching it this time, I saw how incredibly central Olaf is to the moral of the story. Olaf is the ying to Elsa’s yang. Continue reading TWICE “FROZEN”

“FROZEN” and Sacrifice

imgres-3I finally saw FROZEN, the 2014 Oscar Winner for Animated Feature Film, in-flight on my way to an interspiritual conference via a visit to my sister. (How apropos.) So sisterhood and spirituality were on my mind. The movie was as good as my 15 year old daughter said it was – she saw it twice. Indeed, I was pleasantly surprised when Disney broke from a predictable storyline for new territory. The film demonstrates the value and meaning of sacrifice by contrasting it in two forms; one true and one false. Continue reading “FROZEN” and Sacrifice