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Activities and lessons that inspire spiritual growth for kids, from an interfaith, interspiritual, and sometimes Jewish-Interfaith perspective.

photo of Diane with her poster at the REA conference 2016

Seriously — Imaginary Sorrow (Obama) and Real Hope (REA)

What would Obama say as Americans vote today? Watch this! You may find yourself, like me, playing it over and over. The words and their sorrow may be imaginary but they point us towards real hope. More than a captivating and inspiring song, this lamentation challenges our soul as a nation. When the election is over, may we all rise higher.

But how did we sink so low?

To answer that question, let me share a few notes from attending the REA Conference in Pittsburgh where I met Religion Educators from around the world including Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, Spain, Turkey, Nigeria, Canada, Israel, Australia, and the United States. Continue reading Seriously — Imaginary Sorrow (Obama) and Real Hope (REA)

Election Fury or Forgiveness

Keep Calm and Watch Fury.
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picture of movie poster for 1936 FuryFury

With recently heightened “suspense” from Donald Trump as we near the end of this election, it’s worth reminding ourselves of why populism, group think, and mob (or mobster) rule don’t work. For this reason, I suggest hosting a Movie Night Pre-Election Party featuring the 1936 drama and thriller, Fury. Continue reading Election Fury or Forgiveness

Global Citizenship

I am a world citizen logoA BBC 2016 poll found that more people identify as “global” rather than “national” citizens. I believe this phenomena is  evolutionarily appropriate for our times.

What does it mean to identify with 7.4 billion people on the planet? World citizenship is growing, although it is less common in industrialized nations. I could speculate as to why, but I want to focus on the meaning of identifying as a global citizen.

Who is a global citizen?

Continue reading Global Citizenship

If You Meet a Religious Leader on the Road…

bicycle riders over a bridgeIf you meet a religious leader on the road… and they tell you their congregation is shrinking… and youth enrollment is down… and you suggest they include an interfaith perspective in their religious school program, that leader will probably dismiss your suggestion without another thought. At least, this has been my experience. Why do so many clergy resist teaching interfaith perspectives to youth at a time when church/synagogue attendance is at an all-time low with nearly one in three Americans under age 35 identifying as spiritual but not religious? The clergy I have encountered typically give one or all of the following reasons:
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Buzzword #2: INTERSPIRITUAL and Its Educational Purpose

INTERSPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVES from Zinnopsis blog.This post is the second in a series on new buzzwords influencing how we relate to religion. In the first post, I talk about Integral, an emerging worldview in the evolution of human consciousness — a process we each partake in every day, whether we realize it or not. Here, I talk about Interspiritual.

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3 New Buzzwords Changing Religion — Buzzword #1: INTEGRAL

PREVIEW. I’m sitting on the floor, a foot from the TV, turning channels. There is no remote, no recording device. An animated figure appears on the screen. The narrator explains it will experience eight significant crises in its lifetime. Each will occur around a major developmental issue such as trust, identity, intimacy, etc., according to psychologist, Erik Erikson. I SPRINT for pen and paper. AHA! The key to my future. If I study these stages of development, I’ll be prepared for Life. I am 14. And I want to know more.

What other life maps are out there to show what lies ahead?

Erikson's stages of growth Continue reading 3 New Buzzwords Changing Religion — Buzzword #1: INTEGRAL