Hi! I’m Lauren Zinn.

Lauren Zinn of ZinnHouse creates interspiritual youth education programs for interfaith and youth and families.
Lauren I. Zinn, Ph.D., Rev. Photo by Alling Photography

I’m a thinker —Today I’m studying Globalization, Global Governance, Spanish, Sewing, and more.
I’m a doer — I’m now consulting to leaders of organizations with a social impact to sharpen mission, marketing, and processes.
I’m a networker — Whether I’m at a nonprofit conference, an energy industry meeting, or boarding a plane,  I’ll befriend you.
I’m a visionary — I listen to leaders, reveal new possibilities, and help them realize their goals.

Common to all the above is my energy and passion to create a world built on shared wisdom that benefits all.

What I bring to you:

• Eyes to help you see your corporate or nonprofit vision
Methods to help your organization achieve its mission 

Continued education through the Graduate Institute of Geneva

• Seminary-Ordained Interfaith Minister (2002)
 Ph.D. in Urban, Technological, Environmental/Educational Planning
 M.A. in Philosophy
• 15 yrs teaching philosophy and religion to children of interfaith families
• 15 yrs leading programs and officiating ceremonies for multi-faith families

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I’ve spoken to audiences of 2 to 2,000. I’ll gladly speak to yours!

“It was a real bonus to our celebration to have you speak. Your reflections were wonderful, as I expected they would be…You are such an asset to our work!”  – Susan King, Interfaith Round Table Co-Director, Nov 2015

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ZinnHouse LOGO

The logo for ZinnHouse of a Z that shows both a figure looking down and inward to the left for interspiritual growth, and up and outward to the right for evolutionary change.The logo, by cousin artist, David Zinn, is an optical illusion:

1. The energy of the figure is a “Z” for Zinn, in a rectangle for House; it is breaking through with a new perspective.
2. The figure is looking down to the left – kneeling – to signify inward prayer, meditation, and evolving consciousness.
3. The figure is looking up to the right – dancing – to signify upward change, movement, and evolving culture.

Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, adventure, creativity, encouragement, determination, success, good health, and
social communication.

© 2016 ZinnHouse

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