Here's a photo of Lauren Zinn on her home page.With ZinnHouse, Belong to the World, not only a tribe. 

We humans are changing. We’re seeing the world differently. We’re taking more responsibility for each other, ourselves, the universe, and all beings. BUT…our institutions need to catch up with our expanding values. All of our systems need to evolve – economic, educational, political, health, and yes — even the way we teach, practice, and think about religion.

Religion is a bellwether of our changing consciousness.

Growing numbers of people are leaving religion. And many children are not getting the religious education that their parents were raised with. Why? Because humanity’s values are slowly expanding to identify with a global consciousness. Yet most religious institutions continue to teach the same way. To leave religion behind would be a huge cultural loss. To halt evolution’s impulse would confine our consciousness. I believe religion CAN grow with us.

I’m here to help us evolve religion — to teach and celebrate it in our global age.

That means bringing our traditional religions up to date. It means teaching and practicing religion in ways that support a Bigger World consciousness. 

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In these 2-minute snippets, I talk about integrating a home-base religion with an interfaith vision, a philosopher’s mission, and a teacher’s attention to the Value Tensions in evolutionary change. 

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