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How can religion benefit your family? 

Journey with me to my basement classroom — on a Sunday 7 years ago. I just finished teaching a group of kids from Jewish-Interfaith families. I’m looking at my chalkboard, reviewing what we did, thinking about why it worked. It looks like I’m staring into space but I am having an epiphany. I am reflecting on my practice: How am I deciding what to teach? What makes me select one approach over another? What motivates my choices? As I articulated the principles behind my lessons, I realized it was time to share them with you and your children, no matter what your religious heritage. Because what I was doing is preparing our future generation for success in our multi-faith, global age. 

Religious values can provide an anchor in a turbulent world. We need that anchor now more than ever to pull together to solve the problems that threaten humanity’s survival. But even well-meaning religious education tends towards an ethnocentric outlook that separates “us” from “them.” In teaching religion to children of interfaith families, I discovered a way to teach with a world-centric outlook, to impart time-tested spiritual wisdom so that it empowers us to build a sustainable society that honors and benefits all.

I coach interfaith parents and interspiritual leaders in developing and implementing lessons that embody an inclusive, holistic approach to religion. My programs and activities are user-friendly for all parents, and youth of all ages. If our society is going to engage with religion at all, we need it to do two things: (1) provide an interfaith orientation, and (2) build on that interfaith awareness to develop a global worldview. Without this approach, we may not survive as a species. 

classical statue with sky and coud behind, of a man holding his head to show remorseWe know our current systems are unsustainable. We know we must evolve the way we teach, govern, share resources, handle money, and care for our health and our planet. How?
by including diversity in our identity, by expanding who we are.

Sometimes I think: If we don’t go holistic, we’ll all go ballistic.

So what’s the best vehicle for growing our awareness??RELIGION. Yep. Celebrating it. Teaching it. In a New Way.

I help interfaith parents & spiritual leaders re-purpose religion for global citizenship.

Today’s challenge is not about living as separate communities — religious, ethnic, or national —  but about living together in one world. When religious institutions support this shift from ethno- to world centric values, each of our religions will newly thrive. I’m here to help us succeed in that transformation.

Here you’ll find user-friendly lessons and celebrations that help people of all ages develop their unique identity in a global context. If you need global-minded activities for your children, community, or class, I can help. And, if you have a special need, I design custom programs too.

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In these 2-minute snippets, I talk about integrating a home-base religion with an interfaith vision, a philosopher’s mission, and a teacher’s attention to the Value Tensions in evolutionary change. 

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