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I serve leaders willing to explore new possibilities, ready to (re)shape their organization’s mission, and eager to implement fluid processes for success. My insights help directors of nonprofits see and realize their bigger big picture. Results include a thriving organization and elevated social impact.

My energy for working with nonprofit and corporate leaders today continues yesterday’s work of preparing young people for success in our globalizing world. The applications may differ but the process for evolving our culture is the same.


Below are pages from the previous chapter of my work. These programs continue to be available to interspiritual educators.

Teaching SPIRITUALITY in an Integral Age
Spiritual values can provide a steady anchor in a turbulent world and we could use that anchor now more than ever. But even well-meaning religious education tends towards imparting an ethno-centric outlook separating “us” from “them.” Today, we need to all pull together to solve our global problems with a world-centric perspective. To do so, our youth need to develop global skills — cultural adaptability, spiritual intelligence, and religious literacy. 
 It’s time to prepare our youth (in private and public schools) and adults (in congregations and colleges) for success in our multi-faith, multi-cultural, global society. 

I coach teachers and parents (secular and religious) and consult to clergy (of traditional and progressive congregations) who want to help their classes or congregations understand religion’s purpose for life in our integral age.

If society is going to engage with religion at all, we need it to provide an interfaith orientation that preserves religious values and builds on that interfaith awareness to develop a global worldview. Without this approach, we may not survive as a species. 

classical statue with sky and coud behind, of a man holding his head to show remorseOur current systems are unsustainable. We know we need to evolve the way we teach, govern, share resources, handle money, and care for the health of our bodies and our planet. A new approach to religion (secular and parochial) is now needed.

Sometimes I think: If we don’t go holistic, we’ll all go ballistic. 

Today’s challenge is not about living as separate communities — religious, ethnic, state, or national —  but about living as one integrated world. When religious institutions support this shift from ethno- to world- centric values, each of our religions will thrive in completely new ways. I’m here to help us move forward with this transformation.

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In these 2-minute snippets, I talk about integrating a home-base religion with an interfaith vision, a philosopher’s mission, and a teacher’s attention to the Value Tensions in evolutionary change. 

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